Bank holiday

The only good thing about a bank holiday is it gets rid of the worst day of the week. However it could be improved by a bank holiday week 😂. 

Sad time

It is a very sad time when you hit an age where you just start hating people for no reason. Is that just me ?? Btw have a picture from a golf course (another sign of being old and middle class) 


As a GCSE student your teachers will usually repeat the phrase “not long left” which may be true, however repeating that every day really does not help.

When school starts again.

I hate my school yes. But the best feeling is always just leaving school at the end of the day. But the second best thing is proving a teacher wrong. Oh and have a picture.

Fixing things

Guess what happens when you try and fix something you know nothing about. Nothing good is the answer. So please dont try. Please. Oh and another picture.


You want to know what one good thing about being late is ? Well the answer is nothing. So if your gonna be anything be early. Btw have a photo to brighten ya day.


Just got a email from one of my amazing teachers at my amazing school, and it turns out i got a distinction for a dish i did (btw distinction is like an A) and i just thought, this is the first thing that they have sent which i have cared to read. Btw this is…

One Benefit Of My School

The only benefit of my school which is so amazing (a bit of sarcasm there) is the view from thew school. Here it is. Amazing right!! I would say i like my school but if i could i would never return.

The Beginning Of The End

In life everything starts and ends, much like life so do blogs. I honestly have no idea what will happen with this, all i know is i want a place to talk about things and psot my photos. One of many. Enjoy.